The quality of your guests’ experience is important in hosting an event. You’d want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the event at the same time. Aside from the food, drinks and entertainment, there is another thing that is essential in every event venue – the toilet.

Not all venues have toilets. If you’re planning to host an event outdoors, most likely there will be no nearby toilet that is easily accessible for your guests. To cater to your guests’ comfort and hygiene needs, hiring a portable toilet is the best solution for you.

Here are the top reasons why you should hire a portable toilet on your event.

Lower Cost and Time Efficient

You’ll need to have a toilet in a venue. If it doesn’t have one, then you’ll need to provide it to meet the guests’ needs. Building a new toilet is definitely costly plus you’ll need several units to cater to all especially if you’re expecting many people in your event.

Hiring a portable toilet is more cost-effective than building toilets. You could also hire several units based on your guest count to be sure that everyone could easily access and use the restroom without waiting for too long. Aside from that, portable toilet hire is also time efficient. The rental company would deliver the units and assemble it on the venue in just a few hours.


Having accessible restrooms in your event helps a lot in contributing to the positive experience of your guests. Having a private place where they could relieve or clean themselves when needed actually makes the guests feel more comfortable and at ease with the place even if they are far away from home. You could also be sure that the guests will have a clean toilet to come into since the units are regularly cleaned and maintained by the staff all throughout the event duration.


Another great reason why portable toilets are better is the convenience they bring. When you find the right toilet hire service, you can be sure that everything will be taken care of – from the delivery of the units, assembling and setup, and clean-up after the event. There is no commitment unlike when constructing a real toilet block since all the portable toilet units will simply be disassembled and hauled back by the rental company after the event.


Lastly, being environment-friendly is another great factor you could be proud of when you hire portable toilets. Unlike regular toilets, portable ones save a lot of water. Aside from that, you won’t be throwing construction waste into the environment unlike when you build a regular toilet. It may not be that much but you are taking a step in taking care of the environment a lot better.

If you need a toilet for your event, there’s no need to build one. Hire a portable toilet instead and keep your guests feeling comfortable and clean during their stay.