You won’t be unwise enough to mix the concreteon your own, not for a commercial project. But even if you went for the best concrete supplier, this read educates you both technically and non-technically on how to increase the quality of your commercial concretes.

Always ask for the mixed design (or provide one)

The purpose of the mix design is to numerically show how the strength of the concrete grade is achieved. Usually, the method statement of the consultant should be enough for this purpose.

But if you didn’t happen to have a mixed design, all you can do is mention the nature of the need and the volume. If you asked for the mix design, it would immensely help you make decisions down the construction stages.

Always go for commercial suppliers

There are types of concrete supplies that don’t specify the types of projects they undertake. This ambiguity is a big problem. Because unless you mention that you understood just commercial projects, or just residential projects, or both, and even some other nature, you cannot be that sure of the quality of the concrete.

But none of these issues will arise when we talk about multipro concrete. This is a company that has been handling both commercial and residential projects for a long time, and your commercial project deserves the Multipro standards.

Observe the runoff from the truck mixture

There are technical ways to know if the concrete is good enough. If the aggregates fall out and roll before the concrete exit the truck mixture, then that concrete might not be as good. However, you should give enough time to verify this.

Secure enough test blocks

A lot of people would simply accept whatever is provided by the supplier, especially when they’re not even from a reputed company, and then complain about cracks as the construction progress.

Thus, in order to prove the quality of the concrete after 7-28 days, having enough concrete blocks is essential. These 150mmx150mmx150mm blocks will be the sole proof to ensure that the supplier didn’t scam you.

Avoid concreting during the rain

There’s a reason why there’s a specific water content for a given volume, and why the slump and the flow are not checked during rain. This dilution is going to mutate the composition of the concrete immensely.

If you did the concrete under heavy rain, the mix is going to be extremely diluted, and that takes a massive toll on the characteristic strength. Hence, that’s not a risk that should be ever taken.

Ensure the poker process happens perfectly

Even if you had the best concrete, the application is one crucial stage where the strength could alter. Hence, what you should do is make sure you have enough pokers in commercial concretes. That way, a number of honeycombs and over-consolidation of concretes can be averted.


The biggest precaution you can take to ensure the quality of the concrete is to choose a reliable supplier. If you make a better decision there, you don’t have to do any of the quality checks.