Cork flooring has been available for a long time but it has undergone several technological advancements and innovations to create a more durable and higher quality product. This product is manufactured by using the bark of the cork oak tree. This is a plant that is easily replenished so you can choose a supplier who sources it sustainably.

Cork floorboards Ocean Grove are created by grinding the cork and compressing it into sheets. These sheets are bonded with resin for durability and strength. Cork is a more eco-friendly flooring option as it is biodegradable. However, it is not as durable as other flooring types so you need to be careful when choosing the location for its installation. You can ask the supplier to make a recommendation as well regarding where it is best used in your house. This is an affordable type of flooring and the installation charges will not break the bank. It is also quite easy to install this floor when compared to a solid timber floor. So it is popular in many DIY projects. When there is sufficient protective coating on the surface of the cork flooring, you will be able to have an easier time with maintenance.

You need to be careful with spills on the flooring. They should be cleaned up immediately. You shouldn’t mop the floor with a wet mop. You can do damp mopping once a week and carry out daily sweeping or vacuuming to deal with the accumulation of dust. You can ask the supplier whether the top coat of the flooring needs to be sealed periodically and if so, whether they undertake this task. The frequency of sealing will depend on your usage as well. You should make sure not to install corn in high moisture areas. If you have pets at home, there could be some damage done to the cork flooring as there can be scratches. You need to be diligent in trimming their nails so that less damage is taken by the floor over time.

The advantage of corn flooring is that you can refinish it periodically. This is something you can do with hardwood flooring as well. It allows you to give a new look to the flooring so that it looks brand new. You can sand the cork flooring and stain it. The sealer can be applied at the end. The frequency of refinishing will depend on the thickness of the plank as well. You will be able to impart warmth and vibrancy to interiors with cork flooring. You can also find flooring that resembles hardwood floors. Cork flooring is extremely comfortable under your feet because of its softness and it will cushion any falls that occur as well. So you can use this in children’s rooms for some additional protection. It also has considerable acoustic insulation because there are tiny air filled spaces within the cork. This will act as a thermal barrier as well which will help bring down your energy bills for heating or cooling.