There is more and more property being developed and sold currently than there has ever been in previous years. More and more people across the world are showing an interest in becoming landowners due to the income that you can generate from it. However, if you have ever managed property before, you’ll know that it’s a pretty tough business. As a landlord, you have to collect rent, handle paperwork etc. It’s a difficult task which is why property managers exist.

Property managers handle the day-to-day affairs in and around your various properties. They speak to tenants, collect rent, do the paperwork, do marketing, handle tenant service issues etc. It’s a pretty tough job that is booming in popularity. If you want to hire a great property manager do check out Rentals SA Property Management for the fantastic services that they offer.

So how do you find yourself a great property manager? And what are the traits that you should be looking for? If you want a great property manager, then it is vital that they possess superior communication skills. The relationship between a landlord and a property manager is one that is dependent on a solid bedrock of crystal-clear communication. They are the first point of contact for both the tenant and the landlord as well. As such it is important that they are able to speak about and resolve day-to-day troubles in a detached and precise way so that emotions don’t arise and make the situation difficult to deal with. The sign of a great property manager is how quickly they are able to listen to and rectify the problems that are posed to them by the landlord and the tenants and the most important skill for them, most of the time is excellent communication skills.

A good property manager is also very organized. Each manager usually manages multiple properties, so it is important that they are able to keep the KPIs of every property aligned in their heads. The issues that arise in the portfolio of properties that they manage never come one at a time, rather they come all at once and so it is important that they are able to register all of the problems and deal with them in a clear and concise way. The best property managers are able to seamlessly handle multiple projects at once and ensure the satisfaction of both the landlords and the tenants as well. They will also enable processes to ensure that the property runs well in their absence.

The best property managers are also constantly learning about their profession and learn about the industry as well as investment trends. Property managers need to be able to state the regulations of a property to any potential tenant and ensure that any change in the rules is communicated in advance to the tenants so that they have time to prepare for the change. They also need to stay up to date with the local market and know how much rent is appropriate for a particular area, what the demand is like, how to market to potential tenants etc.