Kitchen appliances are used to make work easier. Most appliances work on their own with very little interference from us. Improper handling can lead to the damage of the appliance therefore careful and proper use is necessary.

Appliances always come with a user’s manual. Make sure you read them carefully as it contains the ways to handle the equipment and also the way to clean. don’t throw away the manual but keep them all in one place so you can refer in case you need to.

Refrigerators and fridge

The fridge because it doesn’t require much intervention people just plug it in and forget about it. One of the main reasons why a fridge may need repair is because of negligence. You don’t have to do that many things. At least twice a year vacuum your units compressor coils, you have to do it more often if you have pets. Compressor coil are the ones responsible for keeping the fridge cool. It is found at the back or bottom of the fridge.

If the coils are dirty and dusty it will have problems expelling heat from the appliance making the fridge run for longer and more often and also the fridge slightly hotter leading to damage very soon. Check the rubber seal that runs along the fridge and freezer doors. These provide air proof seal when the door closes so the cold air doesn’t escape. If this is seal dirty, they will not close properly leaving the sir to escape and making the fridge run for long to keep the temperature stable.

You can first wipe off the food and dirt with soap water and clean them dry. if there are any other serious problem with your fridge its best you don’t meddle and have professional look into it.

Stoves and oven

Cleaning food debris off stove and oven will make the appliance run smoothly for long time. There are stubborn food debris that doesn’t come off easily for this you can use a tooth brush to scrub and loosen it. If you have any problems with your appliances, you can find the right people for stove repairs in Melbourne. For the oven there are oven cleaners that come in spray bottle which you can just spray and clean. Otherwise, you can use baking soda and vinegar to scrub the grime inside.


Microwaves can be difficult to clean and maintain because the space is small and it’s difficult to get into. Regardless only with regular cleaning and maintenance you can have this appliance running for long.

You have to clean the food particles that may have splattered on the sides because not only is it disgusting but also can be hazardous. The food particles that are stuck if left for long may lead to electric sparking and turn into carbon.

Easy way to clean the microwave is fill a microwave safe bowl with water or vinegar and keep it inside the appliance and run it until the liquid is boiling. This would cause the stuck food to come off easily.